Review Revlon Lip Butters

     It is time for very talked about product and it is Revlon Colour Burst lip balm.  They were talked about since they came out in the USA. I think by now you already have read in some blog about them, but still I want to share my opinion, because I think I was expecting different things than. I bought three colours when they were in website. I bought Raspberry Pie, Sweet Tart and Macaroon. If honest I regret buying so much and I will explain why.
L-R Raspberry Pie, Sweet Tart and Macaroon
Price - I think for what they are price is reasonable.
Colour - Good colour pay off - very pigmented for lip balms. In the swatches they aren’t so pigmented as on the lips.
  • Raspberry Pie – In the swatches it looks more bright, but on my lips it is more deep raspberry colour, in my opinion it is the best colour which I own, because in my collection are nudes or soft pinks, but it is my first lipstick which isn’t. No shimmer.
  • Sweet Tart – In the swatches it looked nude soft pink, but on my lips it looks more like pale pink and I don’t like have it looks, so I apply very gently to make look like nude. No shimmer
  • Macaroon - I bought this product, because it was UK special and it looked perfect nude for me and it is, but it has shimmer. I am not a big fan of shimmery lipsticks, but still I get good use out of it.
Packaging - Expensive looking, nice and steady lid. Only downside is what I can find is I don’t like the black bottom thing is so small, that sometimes it is hard to get off the cap even for my small fingers.

Why I regret buying them? 
Everyone was saying Revlon Lip balms are so moisturising and good pigmentation. I agree with them, but in my opinion they are more like lipsticks than lip balms, because you can’t apply this product without mirror. Only why I wanted to buy them, because I thought they are so easy to apply, that I could take with me everywhere. I would say that they are the best lipstick which I have bought, but I just don’t need so many lipsticks, because in my every day I would use more likely lip balm than lipstick. Because even Revlon lip balms are moisturising for my lips they aren’t enough moisturising. The same with MAC lipsticks everyone are saying these lipsticks are so moisturising the only lipstick which I have isn’t. I don’t know I guess I need stop believing what they are saying or it just my lips.  I would buy these lip balms again, but only when I use up my other lipsticks.
The best lipsticks I have ever tried, but they are called lip balms so they are meant to be different product in my opinion.

Mark 5 out of 5.


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