Sample Sunday - Dermalogica masque

     Few months ago in my monthly glossybox I got Dermalogica multivitamin power recovery masque. So finally I got chance to try it out. Even it is age smart range I tried because I heard that loads of woman enjoyed it. I had to keep on my face for 10-15 min. It is strange - colour is yellow and consistency is thick. Usually I enjoy peeling off or which just dries out, but this one didn't do any of these things. It smells terrible as well. I was in my bath relaxing and thinking about how fake chemical smelling this masque was. When I rinsed my face felt dry. So I washed my hair, while I was doing that I noticed in mirror that I had loads of dry patches on my face. But on the back of that tube the company is saying use this masque when you need a soothing remedies. So I don't know what this masque does, I wouldn't suggest you this masque for pampering nights because I think those masque for 99p is better than this one and price is high as well. 
   This time I didn't enjoy this sample and it is big NO from me. The biggest concern I didn't see or feel big difference after using this masque. Sometimes I like the product but it smells bad, I would still use it. I won't purchase it again. 
Mark 1 out of 5.


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