Holiday clothing haul

      Now it is time for clothing haul, because I promised it will be next. I tried this time to take photos differently. Sometimes if you take photos of clothes on hanger they can look different and you can see how they are sitting on your body. Let me know if you like these pictures better in the comments.
Dress from £18.00

Playsuit from £12.00

Top from Primark £4.00,Shorts from H&M £7.99
Top from Primark £4.00
Cardigan from H&M £12.99
Top from Primark £6.00
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      Now you will see pictures of my swimwear. I think I went over the board I bought three bikinis. Don't you think it is too much, but one of the was so cheap that I bought just because of that. I can justify it with in the summer we are going back home to my country and there is swimming season I will be able not only in Greece, but in my country as well. Since last time I have been to my country I have lost weight, so my old swimwear doesn't fit me, especially the pants.
Both from New Look. Top 15.99 and bottom £7.99 with 20% off

Both from John Lewis Top 12.00 and bottom £10.00

Both from Primark Top £5.00 and the bottom £3.00
Finally just two accessories. As you can see from the new trend I have fell in love with aztec print. So I feel I will go to my holiday as some parrot. :)
Sunglasses from TKMaxx £14.99
Bag from New Look £19.99
     This have been a huge haul for me, but I needed some summer clothes, because now after one week I am going to Greece where is 26 degrees, but at the end of july I am going home to Latvia there will around 25 degrees and my old clothes which I left there I gave to my sister. In conclusion these two years since I am living in the UK, I never where able to wear proper summer clothes, but finally I had to purchase them. I hope you enjoyed this post. I think next post will be review or what I have in my travel bag. I haven't decided yet.


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