Monthly Empties...

  • Garnier Pure Active Blackhead clearing scrub
  • Clean Clear Deep Action cream wash oil free
  • Herbal Essences beautiful ends shampoo and conditioner
  • Nivea express hydration hand lotion
  • Simple kind to skin vital vitamin foaming cleanser
  • Batiste dry shampoo tropical
  • Tresamme instant refresh volumising dry shampoo
  • Clarins daily energizer cream
  • Simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes
  • Molton brown vitalising vitamin AB+C
  • Soap glory daily smooth body butter
  • Dermalogica multivitamin power recovery masque
  • Clean clear blackhead cleanser
  • Eldora false eyelashes B162
I have noticed that in beauty blogger world the newest trendis to use up your products, before you buy new ones. Last few weeks loads ofbeauty bloggers doing posts about Monthly empties and shopping the stash. Ilove the idea, because I always want to buy newest products only because I wantto review for you. In my every day Idon't use so much products and makeup. My skincare routine consists frommoisturiser and cleanser; because if I will start to complicate it, my skinstarts to breakout even more. And I don't have so much time if I am working,because I love to have a good sleep usually at least 9 hours I am sleepingevery day. At the end it means sometimes I buy products which I don’t need soit is waste of money. For example there are new Maybelline Tattoo Eye shadowsand everyone is saying that they are so good and I want them, but if I look onmy collection I already have products like that MAC paint pots. They were soexpensive and still I want to buy something very similar. Okay Tattoo eyeshadows are cheaper, but if could use up my MAC paint pots and then buyMaybelline Tattoo eyshadows, i think it would more money friendly. They won’t disappear so fast from shelf anyway. AmI right? Loads of rambling, but here you can see what kind of products I haveused up, if I honest it makes me so proud, it sounds so cheesy.

Products which I repurchased are:
  • Nivea Express hydration hand lotion - Me and my boyfriend love this hand cream, because it has a light feeling to it, it doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy. Only they could feel greasy after using this hand lotion, if you use too much. We both always have to use hand lotion after washing hands or dishes, because our hands doesn't like water and fairy.
  • Simple kind to skin vital vitamin foaming cleanser - I bought this because in the beginning I liked how light the foam is, but now that I tried Clarins Daily Energizer cleanser I can say, this one isn't so good for dry skin.
  • Clarins daily energizer cream - The best moisturiser I have tried in very long time.

Products I would buy again if they had an offer:
  • Herbal Essences beautiful ends shampoo and conditioner - They both were good shampoo and conditioner, but I already bought some different shampoos and conditioner, I want to use up those before I am buying new one. And I am thinking next time to buy hair masque from the same range. I don't how but both of these products made my hair look and feel healthy.
  • Molton brown vitalising vitamin AB+C - I received this shower gel in my monthly glossy box, if I remember correctly. I loved the feeling it left and the perfume. I think when I will use up my other shower gels I will purchase this one. Downside is the price for 300ml you pay £18.00. So it definitely would be splurge.
  • Soap glory daily smooth body butter - It is a nice smelling product, but for me I can't use it every day like other body butters, because I get tired of the smell. The same with shower gel I am using it already four month, because I use it like every second week. I wouldn't repurchase now for sure, maybe after some while when I will like the fragrance again.
I hope you enjoy this post, if not let me know in the comments. Have you tried some of these products or you want to suggest some other products I am always open and happy to read comments. :)


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