Life update

    I have been absent for more than two months (I think), you know in life happens loads of things. But the reasons why I haven't write nothing I have loads of things on my mind right now and I had a blank page about my blog. I didn't know about what to write. 
     First of all me and my fiancé we bought holiday in may and we are saving for it. We are going to Greek Island - Zante. So I have bought loads of stuff for holiday. So soon will be clothing haul. Watch out for that, but before that will be beauty haul.
     Secondly my fiancé health is bad as well; I worry about him so much. He is very stubborn, I can't make him go to see doctor, but finally I did it. So fingers cross, that it is nothing bad, just too much stress and he needs good rest. He had just flu and after that something else and now it is his heart.
     Then there are more things, last two weeks at work I hurt my back and so I am trying do less stuff, but at the same time my fiancé became a little bit lazy, because of his health so I need to do everything in his place cooking, cleaning, food shopping and more. Before he used to help me, but now he doesn't do anything. It all together makes me really tired and exhausted, I am really trying to have good rest and at the same time do all chores.
      In this all mess my family have financial problems as well. It isn't so much stress, but all together it takes my willing power and energy to do or even think about different things.
     I can't promise that I will be back when I will have time, I will write something. I never forget about my blog. If you are interested after I will come back from holiday I can show my outfits of the week and some pictures. After my holiday I will be on spending ban, so I can't spend anything on me, because we both are saving for our wedding. I don't know maybe you are interested in my wedding. I almost forgot to mention my wedding date is on 28 July 2012. If you want to know more just leave a comment. I hope you enjoyed this update, I know it is personal, but I have nothing to hide from you and I want to inform you that I am still alive. :) 


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