Just a Friday's update

    This week has been really hard for me, because busy at work. Loads of overtime, so less sleep and rest. I have to cook everyday for me and my husband and still need to work in the nights. Usually I work from Monday and Thursday. So when I woke up today, I was so tired that for two hours I was just doing nothing and trying to start walking. Firstly I wake up 8pm. My husband was so nice, because he made dinner. So now it is already Saturday's morning. Had a long relaxing bath and had a chilled evening.
    Only one person entered my Valentine's Day giveaway. Congratulation to Samreen. She is one of my first followers and the most active person on my blog. I think she deserves both of lip stains. I will contact you.

    Today I was sad too, because my favourite Tv Show didn't have new episode this week. My favourite Tv Show is Elementary. I think you would already notice that I like all detective related things. At the end I was just watching catch up on Got to Dance and The love machine. I hope you enjoyed this chat.


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