Origins Clear Improvement face mask review

    I got this sample when I bought Origins Bubble Ball. All the time I wanted to try it and loads of girls are raving about this face mask. As I said in my previous post I had a lazy weekend, on Friday I tried this mask while taking bath.
    The face mask look like a mud mask, but actually it is charcoal. First of all you have to open your pores with wet warm towel and then apply this face mask. When you apply on your face, it gives warm sensations to your face while drying. When the face mask is totally dry, you have to rinse it off. I did everything what was written on the back of the tube. After rinsing of the mask my face felt really smooth and I thought this is amazing face mask and I will buy full size. But next day when I woke up I saw that my forehead is red and there were new zits. So this face mask broke me out. The main thing which was strange that the zits weren't white, but red bumps. This mask is meant to clear pores. At the end I decided I am not buying full size, because for £20 there are better face mask out there. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have tried this face mask, tell have did you get on with it.


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