Chit chat :)

    All this weekend have flew past so quickly and I haven't done nothing, just reading blogs and wanting to buy loads of stuff. I haven't told no one I am always on spending ban, because me and my husband want to go to holiday in May. We haven't decided were, but I guess one of the top place is Ibiza, because it looks such a wonderful island. Not because of clubs. :)

    On Saturday I accidentally find out about one website called Guru Gossip. Oh my goodness there are so many interesting information not in good way. I understand what few girls or boys are saying, but some things I think they shouldn't talk about their personal things and looks. Those people are even talking about those girls which have like just 500 subscribers. I understand some gurus are annoying and you don't like their attitude or something else about them, just don't watch them. I watch youtube not because I want to know about products so much I just watch to entertain myself and as I don't have friends, only my husband, then I feel like I belong somewhere.

    I found new blog to read as well. I was reading her blog almost 5 hours non stop and the name is Le Beauty Blog. I don't why I love her blog, maybe because she writes very simple, but about interesting things. She is so beautiful too.

    I was thinking to write post about my favourite banana cake. But as always when I want to take photos and write about it went so wrong, that at the end I had to through it out. I was so mad about it. I hope you enjoyed this chit chat.


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