January haul


     Did you miss me? I am back now, since I announced the winners of my giveaway I disappeared. There are few reasons why I disappeared, but life can surprise you suddenly anytime. I don’t feel like sharing what happen and why, but I will say I am back. I visited few new cities, so I did a little bit shopping, today you will see my big collective haul. I have collected things since end of January and beginning of February. I wanted share with you few bargains, as you all know I am bargain hunter. :) We all girls are, even if we haven't noticed. 

     I will start haul with makeup items. There isn't much but still quite few to show. If you read my December Glossybox review, you know I loved so much Rituals Foaming Shower gel in Indian Rose and Almond oil and when I was in one of the shopping centre I saw that they had introduction price on it, so I bought one. It was just £3.50. While I am on this subject, I really suggest you to try it, because it has such a nice texture to it and it is very long lasting. Since I got it until now I used this shower gel all the time, more than one month, because you need a little bit and you can cover all your body. Don’t you think it is long lasting? For me yes, because usually shower gel lasts for me for four times.

     Next thing I was saying in one of my posts I am looking for new mascara to try out, I bought Maybelline Colossal Cat Eye mascara in glam back (£4.99 offer in Superdrug). I will review really soon, so look out for that. :)

      I always wanted to try out gel eyeliners, because I have heard loads of good things about them. Finally I was enough brave to buy Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in black with the brush and of course Superdrug had a nice deal on it £4.99. Don't you think it is a really good deal? Full review will come later, but for now I can say I love it.

     Last two things in this picture I bought only because everyone is raving about them and they were new products in stores. Barry M instant nails effect nail polish in Foil 319 (£2.99) and Collection 2000 cream puff in Fairy Cake 3 (£1.99).

     I had a nice surprise while I was walking in the shopping centre, I saw one shop which one was selling Yankee candles I went a little bit crazy. But it was only because I finally could know how they smell, you know when you order online you don't how the candle will smell, so I smelt everything in the shop. My nose was everywhere even my boyfriend was laughing at me. I bought just one big jar candle in my favourite scent Soft Blanket, it had even 25% discount - £14.55 and I said to myself why not. And all other ones are just samplers (£1.25 and £1.75) to try out:
  • Creamy Caramel (too sweet for my liking, but my boyfriend wanted it),
  • Clean cotton (I liked but didn't have enough money to buy one more big jar candle),
  • Fruit salad,
  • Early sunrise (next time definitely buy a bigger one)
  • And which is burning right now while I am writing is Garden Sweet Pea, which reminds me loads of good memories.
     When I went in House of Fraser I were just browsing around then I went to Clarins counter I started to chat with really nice lady who was working there and I said her that I have tried extra firming range day cream and night cream (because they were in January Glossybox). She was so surprised; because that range is for older ladies and she said it could make me breakout even more than simple moisturiser. And she suggest me to try out Clarins Daily Energizer moisturiser, I decided I will splurge on moisturiser, so I bought it and paid £19.50 and she was so kind that gave me samples of Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster.

     What kind of shopping is if you don't go in to Boots? I needed to buy a hand cream. In the beginning I was thinking to buy my usual hand cream - Nivea, but then I saw Garnier has released new hands creams. I had heard really good things about Garnier Intensive 7 days body lotions, I bought Intensive 7 days Hand Cream Nourishing for dry and rough hands £1.99 and Boots had introduction offer on it as well, so it gave me one more reason to buy it. 


     The last shop which I visited was Lush. I bought loads of things, because previous things already were used up, as addicted to shopping I found a good reason to buy something. I bought:
  • Yuzu&Cocoa bubble bar
  • The Comforter bubble bar
  • The green bubble bar
  • The Magic Mushroom bubble bar
  • The Avobath bath ball
  • Chou chou toothy tabs
  • Oatfix fresh face mask

     Now for some clothing items, I haven't purchase big things, but I bought one outfit, because my work colleges are going out to club, so I needed skirt and shoes.

Top from Primark £5.00
 Black skirt from Primark £7.00
Boots from Primark on the sale £8.00
Shoes from Clarks on the sale £29.99
Converse from TKMaxx £19.99

      I hope you enjoyed this haul, as all you requested to see one. Soon you will see more posts from me. I have loads of ideas, hopefully they will be in action.


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lovely haul! wish I was able to shop there! hehe


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