Outfit of the Day...

      Today I finally decided that I need to take photos of my outfit, I really love my today's outfit, so I wanted to share with you. It is new for me, finally I found trousers which I like and suit me very well. I hope you liked have I styled them. Usually chinos and those kind style trousers don’t suit me for few reasons, first my butt looks clumsy in those trousers, and secondly the ends of the trousers makes me short and clumsy. But this trousers has stripes, which makes my legs look longer than they are in real life. The same with boyfriend style trousers I have to be careful as well, because they make me short and clumsy. I don't mind being short, but I don't like when they make me look like clumsy tomato. :D As always my hair is up, I just feel better when they don't disturb me. Today I had nice, but received bad news - I can't apply for uni this year, again need to wait one year, so one of New Year's resolutions is down.

Scarf - Primark
Jumper - H&M
Top which I forgot to take photo, but next time I will do better ;) - Forever21
Trousers - H&M
Trainers - TKMaxx
Bag - Debenhams
      In the picture you can see jumper is longer than the front and you can see my butt looks normal in this trousers. And in the pictures you can't see that at the ends of trousers on the both sides they have zippers.

  In this picture you can see my new favourite bag up close.


Samreen said...

wow nice outfit..love your bag and the way you carried your scarf:-)

Dugdade said...

thank you :)

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