Christmas exchange project

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     Almost all of you wanted to see my crafts, so I am now ready to share with you. Why it took so long? Because it was hard to find all pictures, since my computer recovery. I will explain how the Christmas exchange project worked - the idea is very similar to secret Santa. But the only rules were you have to make cross-stitched card with christmas theme and small present. So first pictures I will show what I made. The only thing I can't find all present together, I found picture only with the card. I hope you won't be angry about it. But I can tell you what I got for that lady, I bought her a 2012 diary with crafts theme and Christmas magazine with loads of ideas and chocolate candies.

      Now it is turn to show you what I got.The lady which send me this gift she was so generous, she send me Latvian teas ( I was sick on that time really badly, so it was what I needed) and chocolate truffles and ginger cookies. I loved the card, so nice and christmasy. :)

      I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to comment below if you want to see more of these posts on my blog or you have some other requests.


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