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    On Friday I made small gift to my fiancé. My fiancé loves food, especially spicy one. I thought I want to share with you what I got for him, because I think it nice idea for Valentine day for your man, dad or brother, persons who loves food. Maybe you have heard about Graze boxes. I just heard about them now and I had special offer first box for free. If you want as well I have three codes for you. Say in comments that you want with your email and I will send to you.
    My fiancé said that it is amazing idea and the design of box is amazing, because it looks so natural and eco. As you can see picture it isn’t really big like beauty boxes, but still it didn’t get throw, so he left on the floor next to my doors, which I think wasn’t nice, because my housemate has experienced that parcels are stolen, but luckily for me he was at home. Everything else beside that I loved it and my fiancé want more of it.
    When you open the box you have four okay size containers and cards. One card is just to introduce their idea to you and second card says what kind a nutrients and how much you get from each container. I think it is good, because my fiancé isn’t very healthy eating person, because he drinks loads of energy drinks, peperami sausages and jerky beef. These three things he can’t live without them. So now I wanted to show that you can eat healthy snack and still enjoy them. In the pictures you can see he got three containers and one for me.

    About mine one banana split: I can say it was delicious; I would eat again and again. It’s a pity you can’t buy it in shop. Martins loved the chilli and garlic olives the best; he said the best olives he has tried in very long time. The bread was okay, but wasn’t favourite and the Korean Chilli crackers he didn’t like them, because he said they were sweet, which he doesn’t like.
    In the last two pictures you can see that the company even has thought about tissue, which is 100 % recycled and how deep is one container, I think it is enough for one snack time.So overall I suggest you to try it. I hope you enjoyed this post about food. :)


Imah Ayub ♥ said...

Darn, am I not hungry in looking at your post, if this was in my country, I will subscribe!

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