Best Finds and Best Products of 2011

      I know that I am late on things like always, but finally I am ready to show you my Best finds and Best products of 2011. Few things are drugstore and few things are high ends. So let’s start.
Best Finds of 2011:
  •          Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette – I received as a gift, I wouldn’t bought for myself, because it is really expensive. But I love all the colours and they are nice pigmentation. Anyway you all now already everything about this palette, because the most popular out there. If I need to talk about Urban Decay Naked2 palette, I won’t purchase it and wouldn’t ask for gift, because I don’t like cool tone eye shadows. And I like the Urban Decay eyeshadow brush which came with the palette. I heard bad reviews, but I am enjoying it, maybe it isn’t the best one, but I don’t have better ones. My favourite colours of this palette are Buck, Naked, Half baked and Hustle.
  •          M.A.C paint pots in Morning Frost and Let’s Skate. The best eye shadow primer, I use them every time under my eye shadows. Especially if I am going out then I use Let’s Skate because it has more shimmer, but for every day use I use Morning Frost. In the pot Morning Frost looks dark, but when you put on your lids it is lighter. But if I could change time back, I would choose probably Rubenesque and Indianwood.
  •          Hugo Boss Deep Red perfume. It was good find for me. My mom had once this perfume and I thought it is too musky for my liking, but at the end of the year I decided that I like that perfume, so I purchased it and it was on the sale in
  •         M.A.C DazzleGlass in colour Smile. I just love it, the best thing is I like how it is applying on my lips and I can put over any lipstick and it just adds nice shimmer and I can even wear it on its own and it looks amazing. Could be more colour than glitter.
  •           M.A.C nail polish in Unconditionally Fabulous. I never had liked glitter nail polish, but about this one is something different. I don’t think it is because the company is M.A.C. I just like have different it looks from others nail polish – the colour and the glitter is very unique. I can wear just like that or put some bright colour under this nail polish. I don’t like glitter nail polish, because it is hard to remove it.
  •         Trind Repair natural – the best treatment for nails in the world, I swear by it. I am so happy I had a chance to try it out in the Carmine box. Because I will definitely repurchase it. Because even you don’t need any treatments on your nails, but when you apply it, your nails looks you just came out of nail salon.
  •         New CID I-pout lipstick in the shade Nudity. I just love this lipstick and the colour. The colour is my lips but better, you know usually lipsticks, which are in the category nude, they are too light for my lips, because I have more dark red lips. So this lipstick matches my lips so perfectly. And I like how creamy the lipstick is, stays on your lips longer than Rimmel lipsticks.
Best Products of 2011:
  •            Hugo Boss Orange Sunset – this my 2011 favourite perfume. I like it and I will buy it again and again.
  •         Di Palomo Wild Fig Grapes body butter – I had this body butter for so long time, but I just love how moisturising it is and how it smells. Usually after bath or shower I use this body butter and I go to bed and second day I still can feel the body butter and all my bed smells so nice. Everyone is saying that Soap and Glory Righteous Butter is the best, I like the perfume as well, but I don’t like if I use it and then I use my perfume, I feel like I smell too sweet. I like the Soap and Glory Scrub better, which I forgot about it. But now you know that is the best product of 2011 as well.
  •         Neutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF15 – I like this moisturiser I was using it all year. I like it light weight moisturiser. But this year I am thinking of changing, because last months of the year, I notice when I put it on, the next day I breakout.
  •         Elf Mineral lipstick in shade Cool Coral – if you have read my previous posts on my blog then you know that I am in love with this shade. I think it is true and perfect collar lipstick. It isn't so moisturising lipstick, but the colour is amazing.
  •          Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick in shade nude pink – this is my favourite pink lipstick, I like have affordable it is and the colour, perfect nude pink.
  •         Rimmel London trio eyeshadow in Orion. The same like Rimmel single eyeshadow I was using every day before I got Naked palette. But still I use them with my naked palette. These shadows hasn't so much shimmer as Urban Decay eyeshadows.
  •       Garnier Roll-on for under eyes – I have used all year, because every day when I wake up I use it, I don’t see any changes at all, but I like the feeling of it, the roll-on just refresh my eyes and helps to wake up.
  •       Maybelline OnebyOne mascara – I was reaching for it all year and I loved it, because it didn’t clump my lashes. It doesn’t add any volume or length like it is claiming, but this year I will definitely look for another one if you have any suggestion leave in the comments, because I definitely need new one, which adds volume and a little bit lenght. but isn't so important as volume.
  •         Elf Bamboo Blending brush – I have been using it all year long and I think it is amazing brush for the price. When Elf will have 50% sale I will buy more of this range brushes, because they are so soft, the only downside the brush is white.
  •         Nails Inc nail polish which I got in Glamour magazine, I think it is the best nude nail polish and I love Nails Inc. Nail polish overall, but I think they are too pricy.
        So know you know my favourites of the 2011. Most items I was using all year long, I just was reaching for them. I hope this year will bring more and better products. I tried to find all links, for some items I didn't find, because they were limited edition or you can't find online them. I hope you enjoyed this post. I didn't show you my face wash or other stuff, which were amazing, because i wanted to make separate post on my blog, full review, because I wanted to talk more about them. Don't forget to say in comments which is your favourite products, because your opinion for me is really helpful.


Samreen said...

Thank you for sharing with us:-)I just love urban decay palette..wish i had this one..there shades are highly pigmented:-)
My favourite is Rimmel london eyeshadow trio in Blue.I love Mac products too but they are very expensive:-)

Dugdade said...

yes I know mac is really expensive and if I am honest sometimes I think they aren't worth of that money, because only because of youtube gurus everyone is buying them and think they need. I wanted few item just to try out. But all my mac makeup bought my boyfriend, because he said that sometimes he needs to splurge on me. :) Soon I will review one thing from mac, you will be surprised.

Samreen said...

wow you are so lucky..your boyfriend bought you mac products:-)..waiting for that mac product:-)

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