My Lipstick collection

If you have seen my last blog post then you know that I promised that I will show my collection in details in parts let get started with first draw. :) 

As you can see I have seven lipsticks. I will start to tell you with my favourites. Recently I ordered from E.l.f, because they had a half price sale. So I took opportunity I bought some things. So my favourite lipstick is E.l.f mineral lipstick in shade Cool coral. When I was watching videos on YouTube I always was thinking why all gurus are so fanatic about coral. But this colour really is my favourite, because it looks so nice on me. And I will wear it all year around. Everyone is saying that this is must have for summer, for me it is must have for all year. I always liked to buy peach nudes, but this colour looks even better. So next up Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick in shade nude pink. I like the colour and how moisturising the lipstick feels on my lips. And this was my first lipstick which I bought when I start to build my collection. :) In the third place are E.l.f luscious liquid lipstick in the shades raspberry and strawberry. I like them, because they are lipsticks with lip gloss and the colour pay off is amazing. The only thing I don't like have much product you can get. They are looking almost like samples. But still I love them. Next lipsticks are from Avon and from MUA. I think I will start with Avon lipsticks. I really don't remember the exact name of those lipsticks, but I know the shades, so if you need you can find them by shades. I have Never so Nude and pout. From Avon I ordered different shades but they were sold out, so they send me alternatives. Pout for me is okay, but usually I don't prefer so pale nude. I look almost like sick or washed out, but if you put over it some bright lip gloss, it looks amazing. Never so nude I am not a huge fan only because I am not amazed with lipsticks who has loads of shimmer, a little bit I like, but if it too much, that's not my thing. The last lipstick is MUA lipstick in shade 6. Everything would be great if on my hands it looks different than on my lips. Because on my hands that colour is bright but on lips you can't see it, you can see only shimmer. That's a pity. But for £1, still I think it is amazing product. 

So know let's start with lip balms. I think lip balms are hard to review, because it is a taste thing. Some can like thick lip balm, but others prefer lip balm which ones you can't feel. I just will say which one is my favourite and it is Garnier Nourish Lip Balm. And then I have from Avon ColorTrend line with pear and hot chocolate. I like that pear but I haven't tried hot chocolate, because I didn't want to open until I haven't used up that pear one. And then finally I have from elf orange. I like the lip balm, but I don't like the smell and taste. It smells and tastes very chemical. If you understand what I meant by that. :)

And now lip gloss. My favourite have to be Max Factor ones. I just like how they feel on my lips and the colours. Yes they are a little bit sticky, but they are staying on your lips for longer time. And the smell is amazing, like watermelon bubble gum. They are called MAX Effect lip gloss in shades 07 diva pink and 04 pink romantic. Then I got from magazine (from which I don't remember) Misguided lip splash clear. Amazing lip gloss. And smells like cinnamon, but not so strong. The last three lip gloss are elf plumping lip glaze in shade peach passion ( I love that it is minty), MaxFactor Max Effect gloss cube in the shade 02 and I have random clear lip gloss which I bought in my country. I don't know what can I say about these last three lip gloss. They are fine, I can use them. Only I don't suggest buying Max Factor Max Effect gloss cube, because the colour pay off is terrible and it is very hard to get on your lips, but smells nice.

Here are the swatches:
First row - MUA, Avon Pout, Avon Never so Nude, Second row - strawberry, raspberry, Rimmel nude pink and finally Cool coral
I hope you enjoy reading this post.


Samreen said...

Now this is my most favourite post on your blog..i just love lippies infact addictedt to it:-)but the sad part is that they expire very soon:(

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