My Makeup storage

       So today's blog post will be have I store my makeup and my makeup collection overall. 

       First up storage. In picture you can see that I have three small section of my storage  and each contains two draws. And on top of my storage I always keep my moisturiser, Coconut butter from Body Shop and my E.l.f everyday encyclopedia. About coconut butter I hate the smell of it, because it is too strong and gives me headache. I bought it only because it was their bestseller online. My E.l.f everyday beauty encyclopedia, which I really love and I bought it when had half price sale and since then I have been using it a lot. 
       In the first draw I have lipsticks, lip gloss and lip balms. My all time favourite lipstick is from E.l.f mineral line and it's called Cool Coral. And other lipsticks are some drugstore and Avon (as you maybe now I was Avon representative) in the second draw I have my all Max Factor products. I will review them in separate post and in more details. In the Third row I keep my single eye shadows. I don't have them so much because I think it is waste money if I can buy eye shadow palettes. But there are some eye shadows which you can't get in palette. For example Borjouis deep dark purple (I think that colour is hard to find in neutral palette) I also like MUA single eye shadows, because they are really good and cheap. I haven't tried MUA Pro new eye shadow palettes, but maybe later I will check them out, if something I will definitely let you know. :)

       In the fourth row I have my foundation, mascara, concealer and my Too Faced eye shadow primer. I bought it from eBay. I will tell you a story - few months ago I bought Benefit Lemon Aid from eBay (it was cheaper than in the shop) and it looked different from real lemon aid and that seller was blocked. So I didn't get to send it back and get my money back. I was looking on YouTube different kind of reviews about eye shadow primers. And then I heard that Too Faced eye shadow primer is the best and has a good price too. And in my city I couldn't get hold on it, so again I tried my luck with eBay. The price was the same like in the shop and I was looking something about seller. And yes I did get the real primer, but I don't think that it is so good, because if I put it under my eye shadow after few hours my eye shadow just disappears. Maybe I am doing something wrong or again it is fake product? If you know feel free to write in comments.

       In the fifth draw I have my eye shadow quads and small palettes. All palettes which I own are my favourites. I have BeautyUk Earth palette, channel quad (which I bought on boot fair) and two my Avon quads. And finally in the last one I have few my makeup brushes and some other applicators from eye shadow quads etc. I love my storage because before I was keeping my makeup in three makeup bags in my closet and it was messy, hard to find if you look for special product, but now I see all my makeup collection in one place. And finally I have feeling that my collection is organised and clean. I hope that enjoyed reading it. I wanted to ask is this post really long? Do I need keep them short or better like that? I hope that I will get some comments.


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