About time...

Hey guys!!!

     I think soon I won't be able to count how many times I have said I am back and will write posts every week, but it didn't happen. I have had big changes in my life and it is a key reason why I left my blog and it was only in back of my head. Different priorities have been more important and health issues I had to deal at the same time. Many things to think about. 

     There will be changes on my blog. Yes, I know don't worry no big design changes, but content in my blog will a little bit switched around. I always was thinking to talk about beauty, but recently I figured out that I cannot afford to buy all the time new stuff or just to talk about so much about it, because I do not use it everyday, but when I am not lazy or busy I still will post about beauty. Although other things will be mentioned too, for example, my life experiences, books, games and other interests of mine. 

     Do you want to know the big changes in my life? Let's see, I started studies in the university. It was crazy, if I remember last year of 2013. To get there, it was hard and complicated, as my qualifications for secondary school was from other country, but it is amazing opportunity to study in England. When I look back at previous year I am very proud of myself and feel blessed. If someone would say to me four years ago that I will study in England and in English language, I would think that someone is crazy and just laugh. 

     Furthermore, I will later write post about more in detail about my health issues and why I had them. Mainly it was due to the stress in the workplace. I want people make aware of situations in the workplace and it is important to put your head down and just leave it, because it can impact seriously health.


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