Beauty gurus

Today I will write about beauty gurus. As you know I have twitter
account, so I used to follow so many beauty gurus and watch their
videos on YouTube. I don't want to say exactly about who I am writing,
let's say their names are A and S. Sometimes they tweet that they are
filming, editing and uploading. But when I go to YouTube there is no
video for week and then one video shows on the channel and it is
different from what they write about. I don't understand why you need
to say people lies that you are making video every day. At least I
understand that you can't be on YouTube 24/7 but I hate when someone
is lying to me. Because then I feel that person don't respect me. And
the next I don't understand giveaways. There are some person putting
giveaways and select winners which even don't exists or just close
giveaways and if someone asks who was the winner they don't answer.
And more about A and S in each video they are saying the same. Of course
there are YouTube gurus which is really nice persons and they are real. I
know that there are some forums where they are saying good and bad
things about beauty gurus. Are some things with which I agree but
there are things which you shouldn't write? For example they are saying
bad things about the some of gurus has wrinkles or don't have slim
body. But I think that is why they are the realistic ones, because they
send some different message to people - you need to love your body
and be happy in your body. I think it is just jealousy, if they write about that kind a things.
So I hope you enjoyed my honest opinion about beauty gurus!
My suggestion which beauty gurus are real and the best:


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