I confess!!!

Fact 1
I never have been into makeup, only recently when I started to watch
videos YouTube. I start to think about blog. Do you want to know why I
start to write blog posts? It will sound really terrible, I thought if
I will talk about what most girls like I will have more friends. But I
was wrong. Okay I am not British, first comment on my video am I
Russian? I know Russian language only because in my country we aren't
so free and my country is neighbours with Russia. So we have loads of
Russian, but I was really offended. Even if I were Russian, Is it so

Fact 2
I would like if at least one company send me free gift which I need to
review. I don't mind until I can say everything what I think, honest
opinion. In my life I haven't won anything when I was smaller I never
had gifts on my birthday. I am not saying I had the most horrible
childhood, but it wasn't heaven as well. I was born on that time when
my country only got freedom, so we were poor country and we still have
such huge economical crises.

Fact 3
I admire British people, I love love love and one more time love how
they are pronouncing words. I would like to speak like that :)

Fact 4
I think I have eating disorder. Because usually if I watch
super-skinny vs. supersize, think I am the same like those super skinny,
but not so bad. I like to replace my food with sweets and I eat only
normal food once a day. I lost recently 5 kg. Now I am 45 kg and I am
160 cm long. And I can't gain it back. If my boyfriend puts me on
plate normal portion something I will only eat so much when I think I
will be full. And I have bad habit that very rare eat all what is on
plate. I like food. I like to cook and I love fast food as well, I
have never been on diet.

Fact 5
I start to lose interest in blogging, because I don't have enough
followers. I always have been patient, but now I don't have. Okay I
understand I have made only 12 posts and I have 2 followers, by the
way which are the best in the world. But still I would like to know if
my writing is okay, if I should do something differently or everything
is fine etc. At least know opinion about my blog.

I hope you enjoyed my confessions!


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