My dream outfits. :)

Last week I was thinking about what can I write in blog post,
not beauty related? It is hard to decide if you don't have enough followers who had requests for you
and opinions about my blog. So I decided this post will be about my favourite clothes things
and accessories. I am that kind a person which likes to look in
magazines big trends, but when I go to shop to buy things for me, I
never buy trendy stuff. I always buy those things which I can wear to
work - jeans, sweatpants and hoods, t-shirts with different and
interesting writings. The same with accessories, I have so nice
necklaces, but I never wear them, because at work you have to be
careful, because I am working with big glue gun. I am working 5 days a
week and I think for rest two days in the week it is waste of money to
buy trendy things, which I can wear to go to shop buy food. But anyway
I will show what I like this year. If I had a time and money I
would definitely buy them. And by the way next post will be have to wear
maxi dress. So I hope you enjoyed this post.

First outfit - Classic
Black tights from Primark

Second outfit - Casual


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