Do you believe....?

    When I came to England I notice there are so many websites which gives vouchers and freebies.

    Sometimes they send things to your email. For example I had one email, it is funny story at least for me. The title of that email congralution Agnese. I opened it, there was written congralution you have chance to win iPad 2. And after that text was top 3- two other person names and my name in second place. And at the end of the mail - sentence if you want to win click to link and I click to that link there I needed to add my details and phone number and in small letters you just need to pay 2 pounds a week for your chance to win. Then what's the point to write that I am in top 3, if I still need to pay and then I will have chance to win?
    Then there is websites like you can get free samples you just put your information and they will send you. Only few times I got those free samples, but all other times I don't know where did go my samples? Please explain for me, because when I came to England I just then find out something like that. And if you believe then say in comments which websites you trust.
    And then finally survey, have you tried them? And do you trust to leave your information. I am speaking about those survey that for each survey they are paying you. Is it really worth to leave very confidential information. And you can really can earn money? If you believe in them of course then leave website link, because I would like to check out them.

    Of course there are apps on your iphone or different device, helps you find better deals in online shopping or just simple shopping. Which I am familiar are:
  • My Voucher Codes
  • Vouchercloud
  • C2 Save UK
  • Hot UK Deals
  • Money vouchers
  • and more

   So I hoped you enjoyed this post and I would appreciate if you leave comment. Because I always has been wondering about these websites. 



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