August favourites

     I don't know were the august went, but for me it just disappeared. Because recently was beginning of month and  today is already 2nd September. OMG
    Let's start with favourites, this month every day I was wearing one perfume and it is Hugo Boss Orange. I love it. And I think this perfume describes me. I like everything what is fresh and fruity.

     Next up is Avon Care Revitalising glycerin hand cream with citrus extract. I am using hand cream every day, because I have very very dry hands because of work. This hand cream is okay. It has very strange feeling on your skin, it isn’t greasy but almost like silicone or like glove which you can use once. But anyway I used it and will use it until it will be empty. I don't like to throw things out. When I used up something I feel a big achievement. :) 

    In the beginning of the month I think for two weeks I used Avon Planet Spa African Shea Hand and cuticle cream. I don't have the packaging to show you in picture, but I can show you from catalogue, because I used it up. But that is my favourite hand cream. 

     Next again is Avon Skin So Soft soft&smooth silky stay shave gel. You have to try it out! Because I can't imagine how I was living without it. For me shaving always has been pain in ass, but know since I found this thing - My life isn't so miserable. 

    It is very moisturising. Usually when I shave with razor it is scratching my skin, but with this shave gel I don’t feel that razor touch my skin, because the gel is making layer which protects your skin.

     Again next product is from Avon. It is Skin So Soft satin sheer dual softening body oil. I like the smell of it and the feeling on your skin. Sometime before or after work when your skin feels dry or just to refresh I spray it.

    Every week I am using this Olive body scrub from The Body Shop. I like it. But it is very expensive in my opinion. Product smells nice and feels very luxurious on your skin.

    It costs around 12 pounds and I will have product only for month, because in August I used it four times and it is empty. Every month I wouldn't spend 12 pounds on body scrub, because for the same price I can buy many different ones which exfoliate better. Because after I used it I felt that I need to wash myself with shower gel. What the point to have body scrub with perfume if I will wash myself with my shower gel which smells different? So I will have mixed scent on my skin.

     Next product also is from The Body Shop it is Born Lippy mango and peach lip balm. I love it and I will buy this again and again. I love the feeling on my lips and it is very moisturising, but not sticky or greasy. This month I had really dry lips and this lip balm prevent it and now I have better lips. It cost only two pounds.


    So now my favourite nail polishes. This I liked only nude nail polished as you can see first one is Nails Inc. London Elizabeth street. I bought on eBay. This nail polish is soft pink nude. 

    Second one is Barry M nail paint in Peach Melba. By name of nail polishes you know it is more peach nude.


    Finally is Di Paloma wild fig grape body butter. This one I purchased recently in sale. But I knew this product before, it is repurchased. 

    So about that product - I love it, very very moisturising. You need to use it after bath because then it melts easier on your skin. In the beginning your skin will feel greasy, but when it souks in your skin, you feel moisturiser for four days. It is guaranteed.
    And as you now I like everything with olives and this is no difference.  And in the second picture you can see how much I have already used it in two week time. I just love it so much.

    This month my favourite TV shows is The Bing Bang Theory. I watched all seasons. I love those smart nerds. :) I suggest watching it.
So I hope you enjoyed my blog post.


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Bodyshop lipbalm is my favourite..infact it is loved by many beauty bloggers:-)

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