Your favourite magazine!!!

     Today I want to talk about magazines. Every month I am waiting for my magazines. My favourite one is Glamour, but for me it is only two hour read. So that's why I am buying Cosmopolitan and Company as well. I read those two in three days. It is stupid I am waiting every month new magazines and it is only three day of happiness. :(
What is your favourite topic in that kind of magazines?

Maybe there are magazines you want to suggest?
    I always start with fashion and beauty pages and then I read everything else and the last thing which I read is celebrity interviews and editor page. I don't know why but I am notinterested to read celebrity interviews, maybe because I don't believe that they are saying the truth. When they sign contract they have to stick with their Image all time in public and interviews are reading public - So they are lying. Maybe I am wrong, but that is my opinion.

    Why I don't read editor page? Editor is writing usually things that with normal people don't happen, so I feel that she is bragging. Speaking about editors, you know Glamour magazine editor is Jo who was
in one TV show with hairdresser James ... Since I have seen almost all episodes of that show. I don't like her personality, because in the show she looked very mean and strict.  Stupid reason, but people are doing stupid things every day and every hour.
     Fashion and beauty pages - I liked to watch them but sometimes I think they show outfit that I wouldn't definitely wear. Because I understand you can see it on catwalk in fashion week, but in real life you would look like scarecrow. I know that people in London are following fashion, but smaller city they don't. For example in my city I usually see people wearing sweatpants and hoods with some shoes. Only few have clothes from Primark and New look. These two shops which I just mentioned are the only one which we have in our town.
   And sometimes in magazines I like to read healthy pages. They are really interesting to read. Like august Glamour magazines had article about sleep. It was interesting and some facts I will start to use in my life. For example when you go sleep for one hour do not touch any electronic device just prepare yourself for sleep. Go wash your teeth and wear pyjamas and brush your hair etc.  It will help to fell asleep faster than usual. I have tried for one week and it really does work. :)

     Last week I bought different magazine called More, because one girl said that she likes this magazine only because they are writing about drugstore makeup and high street fashion. So I fell in love with this magazine and even subscribed it. It is already second that I am reading and now I said goodbye to magazine Company, because I wasn’t huge fan of that magazine.

    Don't forget to leave comments which are your favourite magazines!


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