Nails of the week and some DIY

Yesterday I was trying to repeat some DIY what I saw on youtube. So in the first picture you can see the result. Of course if you want you can do all your nails with marble effect, but I didn't have time. So I just did my middle finger. :)
So what you need to get this effect:

  • Nail polishes of your choice. 
  • Nail polish remover
  • Tape or plaster (in my case)
  • Some pointy object (you can use nail, needle and in my case I am using toothpick)
  • tissue or toilet paper
  • bowl or glass (which you can through away after that)
  • and warm water.
Now I will show step by step what you should do.
First of all cover your working place with tissue.
After that take your bowl or plastic glass.
Fill with water (water have to be in room temperature).
Then cover your nail with tape or plaster.

Open your nail polish bottles, because it will be faster to drop polish in water.
Then start to drop polish in water.

 You can drop as many layers you want, but if you want more that five you have to do it pretty fast, because nail polishes are drying.
 When you see you got the result which you want.
Then take toothpick.
Start to pull with toothpick from middle.

 After that if you can pull from sides as well.
 When you got the effect which you want put your finger into paper glass.
 After that you have to take away from the nail. If you don't do it, you will have big mess on your finger.
 When you took away all nail polish around your nail, take the finger out.
 Here is result. If you don't like result you can wipe it off. And start again.
 Of course if you like it. Take the tape or plaster off.
 Here is the final result. In this picture it looks like it has bubbles. But it doesn't have. You just have to let to dry the water and nail polish.
So I hoped you enjoyed this DIY. If you like to see it in video - I can suggest one women on yotube, who makes a lot that kind of tutorials.Her youtube username is SimpleLittlePleasures. 
And there is one more girl who has as well Marble DIY video and her youtube username is AndreasChoice.


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