Birthday haul

     I had birthday on 6th September and some friends gave me gifts cards, so I went to Shops and spend all of them. I always wanted to try out Soap and Glory. But there was so many things and big choice I couldn't decide. After long thinking I decide I will buy travel size things and I will be able to try them all out, if I will like something. I will go and buy that thing full size. 
I bought:
  • Flake away
  • Hand food
  • Clean Girls

  • Daily Smooth Body Butter
  • Scrub of your life
  • Glad Hair Day Shampoo
  • Glad Hair Day Conditioner

     And then I bought two things for blog post. You know all girls on youtube are speaking about dry shampoo. And usually they speak about Tresamme and Batiste dry shampoo. So I bought them to compared which I like better and if I think I need this thing so much as other girls are talking about them. So look out next week I will have compare them and I will write blog post. So I hope you enjoyed this blog post. 


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