I and my boyfriend went to biggest shopping centre close to our city, because we wanted to buy Pod touch 4 in Hmv shop (more info in this blog post). When I always see the Mac counter in House of Fraser I am saying to my boyfriend let's go and just look around. Then I am saying different thing what I have heard about MAC. He don't care, but he just listen what I am saying and moaning. And this time we went to MAC counter he said okay choose two items and I will buy you. I was so amazed and surprised. OMG isn't he the best boyfriend in the world? 
    First two minutes I was so amazed and I didn't know what to choose and I was so shocked that my head was running through all stuff. I was getting more confused in each minute. Then I finally decide what I wanted. As you can see in the picture I bought dazzleglass and from holiday collection - glitter and Ice paint pot. In the next picture you will see which colours I choose.
Mac Paint pot in colour Let's Skate
Mac DazzleGlass in colour Smile

The biggest decision was when I couldn't decide which paint pot to choose Let's Skate or Morning Frost. But then I decided I will buy this one, because it is amazing base colour. When i tried on my hands i was amazed how long the wearing times is and if I put some brown eyeshadow on top of this paint pot - it makes my eyeshadow look so shimmery and different in each lightening.

In this picture you can see swatches :

Now in my wishlist I have three items from MAC holiday collections:

Mac Dazzlesphere! Coral Ornament £25.50

 Mac Glitter & Ice Nail Laquer in colour Unconditionally Fabolous £10.00

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post.


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