What's on my mind?

    Soon is Christmas and my boyfriend asking what I would liked get. But I don't really know. One thing I have been always thinking and it is kindle. I used to read books loads and loads, but as I grow older I don't have so much time to go to library and pick up the book. When finally I have time I always bringing back books,very late because i don't know what I will do after one or two weeks. Just so lazy.That's bad but that's me. :)
And I have heard loads of things about kindle. 
But I am not 100% sure that I need it. Because recently I used hmv shop offer - if you bring your old Ipod touch you can get ipod touch 4 generation with discount. I was thinking for two weeks, if I want to change it. Then finally decided that I will change it. I had 2 generation ipod touch 16gb and now I have 4 generation 32 GB. I got £60 discount. I think it is really good offer, because exchange shop they wanted to give me £54 (they wanted to take my headphones and charger, but hmv shop even didn't needed. So that's mean I have old headphones and charger, which I still can use it). So you need to help me to decide. Have do you think do I need kindle if I have ipod touch 4?


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