November GlossyBox

I am late to put up the Glossybox review, but still decided that I will do it. I got my glossybox two weeks ago, but I have tried all products, so my review is honest. Keep reading it! :)

If you followed last month blog posts about GlossyBox and Carmine, then you know that I have to decide which box I will subscribe. And this month I haven’t decided which I will choose, because the both boxes are good. So I don’t know what to do. 

As maybe you have heard Glossybox team now start to make Glossybox for men. This box will come quarterly with 7 samples. My man wouldn’t like that kind of box for him, because he likes simple’s things. He doesn’t use all skincare products on daily basis, when he feels he needs them then he uses face wash and moisturiser. And after every shaving he uses after shave, that is all. But if you man is into skincare and really looks after himself, then maybe he needs that kind of box with samples. And you have to keep in mind that we are different nationality and we are raised differently as well. Because Latvian men doesn’t care about fashion and beauty products at all.

As you can see in this picture since last month the card is still huge. With all the same QR codes and full size price listed, as always small description about products what you get in the box.
This month Glossybox theme was The Christmas Gift Guide Part 1. It is good marketing trick, I think, because I would like to see what they have in mind for Part 2. 

ARBONNE Ultra Hydrating Hand Crème card says – Soothing crème moisturises hands, leaving a healthy appearance and skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
My opinion – it is always to have nice smelling and travel size hand crème in you handbag. It isn’t anything special for me, but I am using it anyway, but wouldn’t buy full size products. Its smells really fresh and fruity.

DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK Delicate Boosting Mask card says – A creamy mask containing pure Dead Sea Mud in a gentle formulation, showing immediate and remarkable results.
My opinion - I tried it only once.  Before I got it I was watching other person review on this mask, loads of people said the same thing – after using you have to wash your face, because after using this mask it blocks your pores with black things. And now in winter and autumn season I have loads of breakouts and my skin is really bad. So I was scared to use it, but when I decided to use it, they were right it was dirty feeling mask. I have tried loads of face mask and I didn’t enjoy this one at all. After that I had dry patches on my skin, because my face skin is really sensitive. My moisturiser saved everything. And I didn’t like that two month in a row I have Dead Sea Spa Magik products.

ILLAMASQUA Freak Eau Parfum card says – Celebrate the night with Freak, the dangerously exotic first fragrance from cult British beauty brand, Illamasqua.
My opinion – I love the perfume it is musky, but in soft way, if you understand me. I really enjoyed this month perfume. I liked that they gave discount 20% off the full range from Illamasqua. It isn’t so expensive perfume, like everyone is saying for 75ml it is £59.00. Usually the all popular perfume brands have the same price range.

NAIL ROCK Designer Nail wraps card says – The new NAIL ROCK designer nail wrap range is designed to last up to 7 days on nails and 8 weeks on the toes. They won’t chip or stain the nail, require no drying time and deliver on the trend style in just 15 minutes.
My opinion - you can see in this blog post, which I made couples weeks ago. This design I like as well, so maybe you we will see them some day.

PHILIP KINGSLEY Elasticizer card says – intensive, super- moisturising pre shampoo treatment for all hair types. Adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine.
My opinion - I am in love with this product, but unfortunately it too expensive product for me. My boyfriend wouldn’t let me buy so expensive product.  When I opened the box I already what it is, because so many people have raved about it and finally I got opportunity to try it out. Now I am saving for really special occasions. :)

So overall I am really pleased with this month products. This month we have four different discounts. So that is always a plus. Thumbs up for this month glossybox.   

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it was a little bit helpful. 


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